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How to Choose Bathroom Lighting

How to Choose Bathroom Lighting

Lighting can have a serious effect on a room. For instance, you may look one way while you are getting ready for the day in your bathroom, but when you step into natural lighting you may look differently than you thought. Whether you are wanting to create a certain mood or you want the most natural lighting you can get, The Copper Connection wants to help you figure out how to achieve the lighting you want for your bathroom.

When choosing lighting fixtures, they will serve one of three purposes. Ambient lighting, task lighting, or accent lighting. Here are the differences between the three.


Ambient lighting is typically soft, overhead illumination. This is usually the main source of light for most bathrooms. Examples of ambient lighting would be recessed lights, flush- mount fixtures, and ceiling fans with attached lighting.


Task lighting is a brighter and smaller source of light, such as you would find beside a bathroom sink. This kind of lighting is aimed at providing adequate light for detail-oriented tasks, like putting on makeup or shaving your face. Common examples of task lighting are pendants, sconces, and track lights.


Accent lighting is somewhere in between task and ambient in terms of brightness. This kind of lighting is generally used to highlight specific architectural designs. Examples of accent lights would be cove lights, mirror lights, or rope lights.

To create a well-rounded and appealing lighting package for a bathroom, generally it is best to incorporate several of the types of lighting we have just discussed. Think about areas where you need more focused light versus areas where soft mood lighting would work best for you and layer in the types of fixtures accordingly.

Another thing to keep in mind for your bathroom is the kind of light bulb to buy. Go for lights advertised as cool white or bright white. This way your hair and skin will be captured in a similar way to natural sunshine.

If you are unsure about how to bring your lighting ideas to life, give us at The Copper Connection a call. We would love to discuss your ideas with you and offer suggestions on how to bring them to reality.

By The Copper Connection 7-2-2020