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How to Light Up Your Home

Lighting is essential to the home. Not only does it provide a means to be able to see and get around the home, but it also gives your home personality. It can be difficult to figure out what is going to be the best lighting and where to put it. The Copper Connection has worked with many homeowners to not just to install residential lighting intheir home but to make sure that the lighting is perfect for their space and personality. Here are some of the different types of lighting and the formula for how they should come together to create the perfect space in your home.

When it comes to the different types of lighting, you have several options. They consist of:

  • Ambient – This is more of a soft kind of lighting.
  • Natural – This is the lighting that you get in through your windows.
  • General – This is typically your overhead lighting.
  • Task/Directional – Task lighting is exactly as it sounds, lighting a certain area where you perform tasks.
  • Accent – This is purely decorative and added to provide drama to the selected area.

With the many types of lighting, it can be hard to know what you should put where. As experts in the Denver Metro area, we have found it helpful to always think about first, how much natural lighting you’re getting in an area. After you take that into consideration you will then want to consider the first two layers of your home’s lighting. Task and accent lighting are a great way to light the space of a room; it can give it the desired feel without even having to put overhead lighting in. If this isn’t enough lighting though then you can move onto the general lighting to complete the space. When you think about a room you want to have at least 2-3 different sources of light to complete a beautiful balance in the room.

One way that homeowners plan out the lighting in their home more visually is by drawing it out on a piece of paper the room they are considering. Then making the areas that need task lighting as well as the areas that have a plug. This will allow you to see the areas in the room that will still need lighting.

The Copper Connection is here to help you make the best decision in your home when it comes to your lighting and electrical needs. We can help you when it comes to planning out the lighting that would be best for each room. Call us today for a free home estimate! Or you can fill out our online request form.

By Copper Connection 6-26-2019