Welcome to the Copper Connection

Welcome to the
Copper Connection

The Copper Connection is a family owned electrical business that prides itself on our abilities and responsiveness to handle nearly any sized electrical job. The Copper Connection provides advanced troubleshooting services that many companies would rather not do or are not equipped to do. We work in residential environments from hanging ceiling fans or troubleshooting faulty circuits in pre-existing homes to wiring custom homes from start to finish. The Copper Connection’s commercial services range from tenant services to wiring up small to mid-sized shopping centers and everything in between.

The Copper Connection’s friendly technicians keep up to date with the latest technologies, codes and certifications so you can have confidence in the work we do, knowing it’s done right the first time – no corners will ever be cut!

The Copper Connection continues to build its business on integrity and outstanding customer satisfaction. How can we help you?

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Our residential services include a wide array of services from changing an outlet to wiring your new custom home. The Copper Connection ensures to carefully listen to the problems you’re experiencing and then go about solving them in the most efficient way possible. Taking the time to make sure that all our customers are happy with the service we complete is our main goal. Take a look at our complete list of services.

The Copper Connection has ample experience in commercial electric work. Whether you’re in need of certified electricians to wire your building or just need a bit of maintenance work done to keep your company going, we are the company you can trust to get the work done.

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About Us

Our core team has a combined 41 years of experience, which have led our team to excellence and professionalism. We take pride in our hard work. Such work ethic has been imbedded in our cores. Nathan, the owner spent over 7 years working on residential projects before switching his career focus to the commercial side of things. Before starting up his company 4 years ago, he ran projects as large as prisons and hospitals. Nathan became a master electrician with the state of Colorado in 2014 and has since built several beautiful tenant finish retail shops, electric charging stations and looks to continue his growth in the commercial world. His professionalism and trouble shooting ability is like that of no other.

Featured Services

We have many different services that we perform here are at The Copper Connection. There are a few that are specialty services that we perform. Among them are panel upgrades and lighting upgrades. These tend to be among the most common services that we are called for, on older homes in Denver that have become outdated in some respects. Although we can’t turn back time, we are able to update whatever electrical items you may need.

Lighting Upgrades

Today there are so many different lighting systems coming out with newer and better technology. Upgrading lighting systems or even just the fixtures can help save you money because new products are adopting ecofriendly options. With the incentive to either change the look of your home or just help with electrical cost, we can help you here at The Copper Connection.

Included in the advantage of updating your lighting you can also choose a system that allows you to connect your smart phone to them. There is nothing more frustrating than forgetting to turn off the light after you have gotten into bed. We can help install the best solution for you.

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Panel Upgrades

The Copper Connection is your skilled electrician that can handle any job you need. Among the many services that we offer in the Denver area is panel upgrades. This is critical if you have a home anywhere from 20-40 years old. Electrical panels in older homes become outdated in two ways. One is either by still having fuses instead of breakers which is what is now the norm or by having low amps.

In todays world we are using more and more technology which means that we are needing more and more electricity. Typically, in older homes there is a need to upgrade the amps because there simply isn’t the power to give the appliances the demand that they need. When that is the case it is time to upgrade your panel.

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