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Residential Services

Our residential services include a wide array of services from simply changing an outlet to complete wiring of your new custom home. When you contact The Copper Connection, we will carefully review with you the problems you’re experiencing and then go about creating the most cost-effective solution possible. We take the necessary time to ensure all our customers are happy with the services we have provided. Take a look at our complete list of services.

The Copper Connection provides you with a local electrician that you can trust and depend on. We are more than just a company that provides a service, we care for each homeowner we have the pleasure of doing business with. We value the trust that has been placed in our hands. The Copper Connection is a family owned company that values what the words family and home mean over anything else. We believe customer satisfaction comes from dealing with each homeowner with respect, care and ensuring all work is done in full honesty. That is our standard every time we do work for a customer.

Our service area as your Colorado native electrician include Aurora,Castle Rock, Centennial, Denver, Denver Metro Area, Highlands Ranch, Lakewood, Littleton, Parker.

Lighting Upgrades

The Copper Connection provides you with superior service no matter which electrical service your home may need. One of the many electrical services we provide is upgrading the lighting package of your home. Over time, lighting fixtures become outdated. If you’re looking at selling your home or are remodeling it, then this is one of the many features in the home that will need to be updated. It can change the look of the room by a simple fixture change.

Fixture changes can be a simple service but today with advancing technology there are more options than before to make your home cutting edge. To be able to turn your light or fan on with the tap of your finger on your phone screen. This can make your home much more appealing to home buyers or simply make things much more convenient for you and your family.

Panel Upgrades

Denver homes date from 1880s and new builds are being built every day. If you have an older home that dates back 20 years or more, then more likely than not you need to update your electrical panel. In many older panels they have an actual fuse instead of a breaker causing it to not be up to code. This would mean that an upgrade is in order for those older homes that have be built in more than 20 plus years ago.

Additionally, there is more than just a fuse being in the electrical panel that makes it out of date. Low amps cause an electrical panel to also become out of date and in some cases even illegal. If you have a breaker that keeps tripping because of a new appliance you just had installed, then you may need an updated electrical panel. Along with that there can also be faulty wiring in older homes making it the number one cause of residential fires in the United States.

Finished Basements

In Colorado the standard for most homes is an unfinished basement. This gives the homeowner the liberty to make it what they want in terms of lay out. However, whenever you are getting your basement finished there is a need to have the electrical wiring set after you’ve got your framing up to put in electrical outlets, lighting, as well as the breaker box. By law this is required to be done by a certified electrician.

As your local electrician we can make all of those plans you’ve got in your head come true. Whether it’s a home theater, a mother-in-law suite, or a couple of extra bed rooms, we can get it situated. We make sure that no matter what your plans are you will have the right amps for all your needs. Letting you know where it’s going to be best for GFIs, regular outlets, and other such electrical ports.

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