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Are Energy Audits Worth It

Are Energy Audits Worth It

The desire to use less energy is an ongoing struggle, whether residential or commercial. One way that people attempt to get a handle on their energy costs is to have an energy audit done. This comprehensive look at a home or business tries to identify areas where energy is being lost or wasted so that the owners or managers can make changes. It sounds good, but the question remains: Is an energy audit worth it?

The short answer is yes. An energy audit performed by a qualified person and followed up with the recommended changes is a proven way to save money on energy costs. Here are several reasons why.

Some people doubt the benefits of energy audits because they think the process doesn't do anything, they can't do themselves. While it is true that almost any homeowner can seal a crack or add insulation, an energy audit will provide a much more targeted plan for doing so. Some audits include the use of thermal cameras that can pinpoint undetected leaks or drafts, letting you make repairs you never knew you needed.

An energy audit will also provide outcomes you were not expecting. For example, many homes are built with oversized air conditioning systems . This is because contractors want the home to cool off quickly, and it does. The problem is that the short operation times for the air conditioning are not enough to remove moisture from the home, so humidity rises and makes the home feel hotter. The auditor's recommendation will suggest use of a dehumidifier and will guide you toward a more appropriately sized air conditioner for your next replacement.

The final benefit of an energy audit is that it gives you definite answers. You may have been watching your utility bill creeping up for a matter of months or years with no idea what was wrong. Bringing in a professional with a fresh perspective will help you find out exactly what is creating the extra burden on your gas and electric meters so that you can take action to correct it right away.

Maintaining your home involves investing in it, and one of the best investments you can make is to have an energy audit done. If you think that your home or business could benefit from such an audit, why not contact The Copper Connection? We are a team of highly skilled specialists who can help you with all your electrical needs.

By The Copper Connection 9-24-2020