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How to Create a Mood in Your Home with Lighting

How to Create a Mood in Your Home with Lighting

When it comes to your home, you want it just perfect. There are a number of different variables that are considered when you're creating the perfect space. You have the colors, the furniture type, and of course, the lighting. Copper Connection is your family owned and operated Denver electrical company. We have the needed expertise to create the desired mood in your home. Our sole goal is to make your home lighting exactly the way you want it. What really goes into creating mood lighting in a room?

The first step is to examine the lighting that you already have. Typically, in a room you have one overhead lighting. This can be a great start when it comes to creating your own space. However, if this is the case with your home, you’ll want to make sure that your overhead lighting is not with exposed light bulbs. You want it to be diffused by a cover in order to not cause such harsh lines and shadows. Unless that is actually what you’re wanting.

The next step in creating a mood is to use a number of light sources. Of course, not too many. There is a sweet spot for each room on how many light sources there should actually be. You can create a mood using up lighting and down lighting. There are many different types of lighting that really complement each other well. If you’re wanting to know what those types of lighting are then you can read our blog “Valance, Recess, Soffit, Cove; What is the Difference?”

Now you’ll want to consider the lighting color. There are so many different colors that you’re able to choose from. Each color will have a very different effect on your home. It can be hard by just looking at a package that will be the best for your home. The most efficient way to find out is by buying a number of different colors and testing them out in your home to find what will be the perfect color for the mood that you’re trying to create.

Lamp shades and dimmers are also something that you can use to create a mood. If you’re having a hard time finding out how to make the vision you have in your mind work, The Copper Connection is able to help make it happen. We can do any needed upgrades to create the perfect mood for you!

By The Copper Connection 2-11-2020