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Outdoor Lighting Tips and Tricks

Outdoor Lighting Tips and Tricks

With summer just around the corner, there's no better time to spruce up your outdoor space. Landscaping and patio furniture can be expensive, but you can radically transform your patio, yard, or deck with new outdoor lighting that won't break the bank. The Copper Connection has done many outdoor lighting projects through the years and have found some of the best tips and tricks in the industry that we are happy to share with you.

Outdoor Lighting Basics

There are tons of options for outdoor lighting, which is why it's such a great option for every budget. Solar lights are a good investment for sun-exposed spaces. Many solar options will charge during the day and come on automatically once dusk arrives. Solar walkway lights are great because they come in many styles and prices, are easy to install, and you can move them to create different looks or provide additional light where needed.

LED lighting is another innovation that has hit outdoor lighting. You can find LED versions of floodlights, string lights, and wall packs. They are often very easy to install. Smart lights have come onto the scene as well, offering remote control features and the option to interact with guests from your smart phone.

Plan Before You Purchase

Restrain yourself from running out to the nearest home improvement store and grabbing what is immediately appealing. Different lighting types provide different ambience, so take some time to refine your vision for your outdoor space.

Do you want a well-lit space for outdoor games? Do you want to create a peaceful oasis with minimal lighting, so you can see the stars? Do you want to showcase a particular feature of your yard, patio, or deck? Planning will prevent you from impulse buys and from feeling overwhelmed as you shop.

Consider your Skill Level

If you're not an electrician and don't want to hire one, limit your search to wireless options. If you want to add light where there aren't existing fixtures, there are plenty of wireless outdoor lamps and wall packs to choose from. Wireless options are often smart-capable and have the convenience of being portable, so they can go where you need them in the moment.

Many outdoor fixtures will not require additional wiring if there is an existing fixture. You can often simply remove the fixture you want to replace, and secure the new fixture with a few screws.

Consult a Pro

If you need some assistance in determining how to design your outdoor space and get the right lighting for your particular taste, you can always call a professional company. A professional will have an eye for maximizing your outdoor space and will know which brands and products to trust. A professional company can also take care of all of the installation and set up, leaving you to relax and enjoy your perfectly lit outdoor space.

By The Copper Connection 5-22-2019