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How to Pick the Best Lighting Height

How to Pick the Best Lighting Height

There are a lot of different variables when it comes to picking lighting in your home. Such variables as what coloring you want for your lighting, what finish on the lighting fixture, what style would go best in the home, and what is the best height to put it at. These types of variables can be hard to figure out. Leaving you scratching your head on what to do. The Copper Connection is among the best electricians in Denver, CO. With years of experience throughout our family history we have learned how to stay with up and coming trends and put the ideas of homeowners into reality. Today we want to help you decide what the right height is for the lighting fixture you’re planning on putting into your home and how big the lighting fixture should be.

You’ll first what to consider the size of the room. This means measuring the height, length and width to have a precise idea of what you’re working with. Many follow the rule of thumb of adding the width and length together of the room to find out how big your lighting fixture should be. This means a room that is 11 feet wide and 13 feet long would need a lighting fixture that has the diameter of about 24 inches. This handy trick allows for you to have in mind what is going to work best with your room when shopping for the lighting fixture.

Let’s say you’ve already got what you want though. How would you know at what height to hang it at? The first step is to measure how tall your ceiling is. Take this number and then multiply it by 3 and at the end of that number put inches. This will give you the optimal hanging height for your lighting fixture. If it’s a little too long for your taste then instead of multiplying it by 3, multiply it by 2.5. Additionally, you want to make sure that people have enough clearance as they walk through your home. This can be difficult when you get into older homes that have lower ceilings. Depending on the space you’re considering, there are going to be different clearance “rules” you could say. So, make sure to do some research before you decide to go through with hanging anything.

The Copper Connection is your professional electrician that can help you with any project, big or small. We have helped many homeowners throughout the years to make their home come alive with the perfect lighting. Let us help set the perfect mood in your home! Call us today for an evaluation for the project that you have in mind!

By The Copper Connection 4-23-2019