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How to Make Your Home a Smart Home

How to Make Your Home a Smart Home

The future is now! That phrase can come off as silly, but with increasingly new and inventive technology coming on the market every day, it rings incredibly true. Not even 100 years ago people thought a picture of the future included microwaves and landlines in every home. Flash forward to now, and the technological scope is so much more expansive than that. If you really want to feel like you are living in the future, The Copper Connection can show you how. Here are a few ways you can take advantage of the smart home technology on the market today.

Smart Locks

Protecting your home is easier than ever with the help of smart locks, doorbells, and cameras. Installing a smart lock is extremely efficient as well as safe. Consistently misplace your keys? No worries! These locks are generally touchpads and remove the need for keys. Forgot to give your house sitter a pair of keys? No problem! Just send them the smart lock code. Smart locks also enable you to create different codes to give to different people that may need access to your home. These locks have advanced safety features that auto lock and allow you to lock or unlock them from your phone as well.

Smart Doorbells

Smart doorbells are definitely more than just doorbells. Most of these advanced doorbells come equipped with monitoring abilities and microphones. So, you can see, hear, and talk to those at your front doorstep. Most devices can connect to your smart phone, so that you can take advantage of all of these features even if you are not home at all.

Smart Thermostats

Smart devices for the inside of your home revolve largely around optimizing your home’s energy efficiency. You can upgrade your current thermostat for a smart one that will work hard to keep you comfortable and to save you money. These devices will monitor how and when you heat and cool your home and will automatically learn your preferences and schedule and adjust when it kicks on accordingly.

These three smart upgrades are just skimming the surface of the new ways you can improve your home. Many come with the added bonus of being easy to install yourself. If you do not feel comfortable with handling the wiring yourself or you have a lot of upgrades that you want installed in a timely manner, call The Copper Connection today! We can turn your home into a smart home in no time.

By The Copper Connection 3-12-2020