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DIY Under Cabinet Lighting

DIY Under Cabinet Lighting

Underlighting can be stunning and beautiful. It can be expensive to have an electrician come in and install professional underlighting that hooks up to a light switch. Copper Connection understands that you may not have the funds to get it done by a professional, however you may be surprised. We will address that later on in the blog. For now, we want to help you do some quick fix underlighting that can provide the perfect accent lighting to your home.

There are a number of different strip lightings that you can get at your local hardware store. Don’t just go out and buy any old lighting strip though, make sure that you get a light color that will match the rest of your kitchen. What will look best in your kitchen will be up to you. Some like warm lighting underneath their cabinets, while others like cooler lighting. A huge factor in how to pick is based on what type of lighting you already have in that room.

After you have picked the lighting color you will want to now pick the lighting strip types. This is completely up to what you prefer. Regardless of the type you get, they will usually come with an adhesive back and wire that connects to an outlet to function. Some come with remotes while others don’t. How you want to be able to turn your lighting on is purely preference. Having a remote is nice because you can keep it next to the kitchen entrance to turn on and off.

Now that you have what you need, your next step will be to pull your drill out and make small holes that you can run your wire through so that all the strips are connected. This will be a little time consuming. Make sure that you slow down and plan it out well. You want as few holes in your cabinets as possible. After that is done, run your wire, and stick your lighting in place. Plug it in to see how it looks!

Copper Connection believes that you should have your home the way that you want it. We offer services at a reasonable price so that you and your family don’t have to mess around with a project like this. If you would like under lighting installed, then just give us a call today. We would be happy to do a free home estimate for you!

By Copper Connection 6-3-2020